How to Apply

 CCEB Exam Application Information and Instructions


Important Notes

  • The CCEB reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to add, delete or alter the examination locations. This may include moving to an alternate site, or even alternate city or province, other than those listed, to conduct the examinations.
  • Candidates should wait to receive confirmation from the CCEB of their examination location prior to making any arrangements.
  • Please read important information such as dates, policies, and study guides posted at cceb.ca. Candidates are responsible to have reviewed all communication from CCEB.
  • A Candidate must meet the CCEB Eligibility requirement (see Examination Eligibility Policy here).

While the CCEB is guided by the eligibility requirements that have been determined by the members: Canadian chiropractic regulatory bodies, candidates are responsible for verifying their licensure/registration eligibility directly with the regulatory body in the province or territory in which they intend to practice.

Application Requirements


The CCEB is committed to providing fair, evidence-driven, psychometrically valid examinations with an emphasis on continuous improvement and adaptation.

The fees charged for the CCEB examinations permit us to deliver our exams and provide for the governance, operational, administrative, and logistical infrastructure required to do this important work.

  • All funds are processed in Canadian dollars.
  • All fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Exam fees must be remitted via PayPal using the online application portal. No other form of payment is accepted.

Candidate Agreement:

Candidates are required to sign and submit the appropriate ‘Candidate Agreement’ as a component of the application package. Candidates should select the agreement that reflects their application:

  • Candidate Agreement Online Examination – For Candidates selecting remote proctored examination for Component A or B
  • Candidate Agreement In Person Examination – For Candidates selecting in person examination for A or B and for all Component C applications.

Email completed and signed Candidate Agreements to exams@cceb.ca.


  • The photo must be a current passport style photo (not a photo of a photo) of the applicant taken within the last year.
  • The photo will be kept on file, associated with the candidate file.
  • The photo may be submitted with the online application OR scanned in jpg format and emailed to exams@cceb.ca.
  • If more than one exam is being taken at a single exam sitting, only one photo is required.
  • Applications will be considered deficient if the photo does not meet the following requirements:
    • A front view of the face and top of the shoulders squared to the camera.
    • A plain white or light-coloured background so that the applicants’ features are clearly distinguishable against the background. There should be enough contrast between the background and the traits or clothing.
    • Clear, sharp and in focus.

Transcripts/Eligibility Letter:

  • For each exam, a Transcript or Eligibility Letter is required from the applicant’s Chiropractic Program confirming cumulative GPA, full Candidate name and expected date of graduation.
  • YOU must request your Chiropractic Program to fax or email this document directly to CCEB to be received no later than the Application Deadline.
  • When a faxed or emailed copy of a Final Transcript is received, it will apply to all future CCEB exams.
  • If more than one exam is being taken at a single exam sitting, only one Transcript or Eligibility Letter is required.
  • Component C only: the CCEB Certificate is contingent on graduation. Graduation must occur within 3 months of the exam date, or clinical component C exam results will become invalid, and the candidate will need to successfully retake the clinical component C examination.

Disability Accommodations/Assistive Devices

  • Any requests for testing accommodations or the use of assistive devices must be submitted with your application and received by the Application Deadline. See the Testing Accommodation Policy page on the CCEB website. CCEB reserves the right to designate the location and date/time of the exam. An Applicant may be assigned to an exam site other than their preferred site or on a date/time other than their preferred date/time.

Deficient Applications

  • An application is considered deficient until all required items have been received.
  • Any deficient applications at the application deadline will be cancelled and a full refund issued for the exam fee.


  • A full refund for exam fees will be issued if your application is cancelled prior to the application deadline.
  • If you request a cancellation after the deadline and you can provide CCEB with documentation showing legitimate extenuating circumstances, you will receive a refund of your exam fee minus the $150.00 administration fee.
  • There will be no refunds issued for no-shows or cancellation without supporting documentation.