Study Guides and Instructions

The posted Study Guides contain samples of question structure and exam content. The CCEB does not produce any study material beyond what is posted on the CCEB website. Any other study guides that may exist are not produced or endorsed by the CCEB.

The Study Guide and Sample Items are for the sole purpose of acquainting a candidate with the format of the questions.  The CCEB does not warrant or otherwise directly or indirectly imply that successful completion of the Study Guide will ensure satisfactory completion of the CCEB examination.

CCEB exams are copyrighted and the examinations are the property of the CCEB. The CCEB will take legal action against individuals involved in theft of examination content, and offers a reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction. Any candidates leaving the testing sites with questions, booklets, or producing questions after they leave the examination room will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Such actions may result in the revocation of any results, registration or licensing of the applicant.