Exam results are emailed within four to six weeks of the exam date. If your results are not received within eight weeks, please contact CCEB.

Candidates who successfully complete Component A, Component B, and Component C and submit an original final transcript will receive a CCEB Certificate. The results are sent to all Provincial Regulatory Board(s).

Scoring Process

CCEB takes many steps to ensure the accurate scoring of candidate exams. These steps include the following:

Prior to the Exam

  • An Item Review Committee comprised of chiropractors from across Canada meets on an annual basis to review the questions that will be included in the following year’s exams.
  • Prior to the exam being printed for distribution, the questions are again reviewed by a chiropractor.
  • A professional translator is used to translate the questions for our French exams. The translated questions are then reviewed by a francophone chiropractor.

Following the Exam

  • The score forms are marked electronically.
  • The score forms of all unsuccessful and borderline candidates are then rescored by hand to ensure accuracy.
  • A committee of chiropractors from across Canada meets for a full day to review the exam item-by-item and set the pass score using a modified and off method. Curved grading is not used and fail rates can vary from exam to exam.
  • The score is then reviewed and finalized by a psychometrician. Psychometrics deals with the science of measuring knowledge, skills and abilities. 
  • Certificates will be mailed following email release of results.
  • Please provide notice of any address changes that occur after the exam.
  • Duplicate/replacement certificates are available at a fee of $150.00 and can be ordered online here.
  • If your certificate has been damaged during postal delivery, please return it to the CCEB and it will be replaced free of charge.
  • Graduation must occur within three months of taking the Component C exam. If graduation has not occurred within that three-month period then the candidate has not maintained their eligibility status and exam results will be voided.