New Exam FAQ:

Why is the exam changing?

  • The evolving nature of professional practice in the health professions necessitates that examining boards like the CCEB review both their exam content and assessment methods on an ongoing basis. The upcoming changes to the CCEB examination reflect that practice and ensure the continued alignment of the examination process to best practice.
  • As the CCEB was beginning our routinized review, the Federation of Canadian Chiropractic (FCC), a national group made up of regulators, educational institutions and chiropractic specialty colleges, had finished the development of the ‘Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile for Chiropractor in Canada’.  This provided an excellent starting point for the CCEB to develop a new examination blueprint reflecting the expectations of Canadian chiropractic regulatory bodies.  You can learn more about how we moved through this process in the Candidate Handbook here.

What if I have already failed a component? What happens next?

  • Please review the Exam Changes Overview document found here. This document shows the flow of the final administration of the existing CCEB examination and how candidates move to the new format. 

What if I failed one of the components four times? Can I try again now?

  • Candidates who have used the maximum number of examinations attempts at ANY component will not be permitted to take the new examination.

Will this delay me from getting into practice?

  • While there have been some changes to the Examination Eligibility Policy (found here) there is no delay for candidates in their journey to achieving a CCEB certificate. Candidates can attempt the new Written Examination within 6 months of graduation and the new Clinical Examination within 3 months of graduation. This mirrors the timelines for the last two components of the previous examination format.

There are only two exams now, so why did fees go up?

  • While the new written exam format includes an integration of the previous two written examinations, there has also been substantial enhancement to the examination with the addition of case-based items and further content to align with the new blueprint. Additionally, the Clinical Examination has been expanded to include two additional stations.  These investments along with ongoing inflation have resulted in a small (approximately 5%) fee increase overall.

Why can’t I write the written and clinical exams together? 

  • As the Examination Eligibility Policy permits each examination attempt well in advance of graduation and the CCEB offers three administrations annually, there is ample opportunity for candidates to achieve a CCEB certificate without delaying their pathway to practice in Canada.
  • Additionally, separating the administrations allows the CCEB to optimize our logistical and human resources and create significant efficiencies in the release of results for each examination.

Why isn’t there a Component A exam?

  • As the new competency-based blueprint enhances the application of knowledge and skills, the new Written Examination integrates the practice-relevant elements of both previous written components along with additional case-based items.

What are case-based items?

  • Case-based items provide patient information and clinical scenarios and then ask several questions related to that case. You can learn more and see a sample item in the Candidate Handbook here.

How did you develop the new blueprint?

  • To learn more about how the CCEB blueprint is developed, please review the Candidate Handbook found here.

Why did you develop the new blueprint?

  • To learn more about why the CCEB developed a new blueprint, please review the Candidate Handbook found here

How do you develop items?

  • To learn more about how the CCEB items are developed, please review the Candidate Handbook found here. For further information, review the general FAQ on our website.

Are there sample items I can see to get a sense of what to expect?

  • The Candidate Handbook found here contains an example of a multiple-choice question (MCQ) item, a case-based item, and a clinical station.

Does the CCEB provide a practice exam or endorse any exam preparation programs?

  • The CCEB does not provide a practice exam and is not affiliated with any examination preparation programs. Please exercise caution when working with any vendor who claims to have CCEB items. CCEB items are copyrighted and are never provided to third parties for the purpose of preparing or providing practice exams.