Exam Process

The CCEB administers three exams: Component A, Component B, and Component C.

Successful completion of Component A, Component B, and Component C yields a CCEB Certificate, which is required of candidates seeking provincial licensure. Recertification is available upon the request of a province for those practitioners who have previously received a CCEB Certificate.

These exams are designed to evaluate your competence to practice chiropractic in Canada.

You will be tested on:

  • Your understanding of terminology (or vocabulary);
  • Your understanding of fact and principle (or generalization);
  • Your understanding of illustrations;
  • Your ability to recommend appropriate actions (in some specific practical problem situations);
  • Your ability to make evaluative judgments;
  • Your ability to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis on the basis of the information provided in a clinical vignette; and
  • Your ability to make appropriate patient management recommendations on the basis of information provided in a clinical vignette.