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CCEB reserves the right to designate the location and date/time of the examination. A Candidate may be assigned to an examination site other than his/her preferred site or on a date/time other than his/her preferred date/time.
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Please provide your full legal name. Must match government-issued photo ID. Certificate will be issued in this name.
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If your institution does not appear in this list, please print and mail your application.
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A candidate must be currently attending or have graduated from a DC program that has either been accredited by a Council on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI) member agency or that has been approved by a Canadian provincial chiropractic regulatory board. A list of DC programs accepted for CCEB exams, based on regulator approval, can be found on the Accredited/Approved DC Programs page.

In Canada, licensure requirements are the responsibility of the provincial regulatory boards. Licensure requirements vary among the jurisdictions. Completion of CCEB exams does not guarantee licensure in any particular province. Candidates are encouraged to confirm the specific requirements within the jurisdiction in which they intend to practice. A list of the provincial regulatory boards with contact information are on the Provincial Regulatory Boards page.
Other Accommodations
Do you require a disability accommodation (e.g. extra time, reduced distraction environment, other)? If yes, please see the Accommodations Policy and submit Appendix A by email to at the time of your application. Appendices B & C are to be received by Application Deadline..
Assistive Devices
Do you require an assistive device (e.g. hearing aid, cast, insulin pump, medically required foods)? If yes, please specify below and see the Accommodations Policy. Supporting documentation must be received by Application Deadline.